Logo, Trade Mark, Brand is known as an identity of a company. In simple language a logo is a graphical element that represents Company Brand or trademark (when registered). In general a logo is designed for immediate recognition. The logo is one which is required for developing company's commercial brand or academic entity. They are supposed to be designed in different shapes, colors, fonts, and images from others in a similar market. To remember name of company or the owner for all articles being sold in market is not possible, but one can recognize the logo easily and can have trust on that brand.

Every company, institutes, corporations, agencies, manufacturers has their brand (developed by their quality of product, work experience, service) defined by an icon can be registered legally and being known as trademark. After such registration other can not sell or do similar activities by similar icons or logos.

Logo is a very important for developed companies and can not be changed frequently as people know the company by logo (brand). So it is advisable to design a logo before the company is developed and being recognized by the logo. Logo has sentimental relationship with the owner and sensible relationship with the customers. So we always take care while designing the logo from both the aspects. Concept is important for designing the logo.

Few concepts have been explained as under:- Examples
Concept 1
The name itself is designed or written in such a way that it forms as logo. Very simple fonts (styles of writing) creative fonts, Different color combination in writing name of company or combination of fonts creates effective logos.

Concept 2
Any graphical thing can be added to the name forming the font. Many logo designs are being used by such concepts.

Concept 3
Initials of the Company name can be put together by font or graphics. This can be kept together with or without the company name.

Concept 4
Rather than working on the name of company, we work on product. The logo is developed by graphical image of the product.

Concept 5
Activity held by the organization can be represented by some icon. These icons easily convey the core activity.

Concept 6
Some time, philosophy of owner or symbols can be used to design a logo. Thoughts can be understood by simple icons.

And many other concepts can be used or combination of concept can be used while designing a logo. Logo can be continued by a sentence or a comment well known as punch line. Punch line can enhance the logo and it completes idea.
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